With winter comes the vulnerability of sickness, especially the common cold, coughs, fevers and congestion. While the first response for a lot of people is to turn to advertised cold medication that can help relieve the symptoms, homeopathy is another, valuable alternative that can help the body stimulate itself to heal.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural way of healing the body and it draws from a variety of plant, mineral and animal substances that get diluted and designed to help trigger a healing response in the body. In order to find out what remedy is best for you, the symptoms of an illness will get matched to a particular homeopathic medicine.

Here are some remedies that will be useful in treating certain cold symptoms.


Coughs that are associated with colds are the body’s natural defense with the intention of clearing the airways of unwanted mucus and other irritants. Before taking a cough suppressant which might impair the body’s natural defense remedy, give homeopathy a try.

There are many types of coughs, from very dry and painful to a tickling cough. Some homeopathic remedies that can help are Bryonia, Phosphorous and Causticum.


Usually a fever develops because of external factors such as infections or internal factors such as auto-immune disorders. It is also a natural defensive response of the body. There are many different types of homeopathic remedies for fevers that are catered to the type of fever a person has. Some homeopathic remedies for that could be aconite, arsenicum and belladonna. Those are just a few of the examples. It usually depends on the person’s overall symptoms when choosing the remedy for a fever.

Sinus Congestion

This occurs when the membranes in the nasal passageway swells. This is a frequent cold symptom and can make breathing difficult. Like the other symptoms of cold mentioned above, choosing the correct homeopathic remedy depends on the nature of the discharge, the presence of any crusts and scabs as well as other symptoms associated with a stuffed nose.

Some examples of homeopathic remedies for sinus congestion are Kali-bich, Nux-v and Sticta.

The choice of the homeopathic remedy varies largely on the full nature of a person’s symptoms, therefore to find out what remedy is best for you it is best to contact Joyspath, whom will help choose the best remedy suited for you and your current condition.