Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression are rampant, as I am sure you know, and if you are reading this, you might be looking for help for yourself, your spouse or your child.

I work with adults and children, in all stages of life and development to help the symptoms of anxiety and depression in the short term, and also, to uncover the roots of anxiety and depression in long term treatment so you can live without it tainting everything you do. It can also help with situation or acute onset anxiety and depression like post partum or during a pregnancy, or after a death of a loved one.

Homeopathy can help if:

  • You are currently taking medication but want to wean off under the supervision of your doctor
  • You are contemplating medication but want to try something more natural first
  • You have tried a lot of medications and treatments but nothing has helped
  • You are having problems with side effects and would like help in managing the side effects of the medication

Homeopathy is safe to use and a very good complementary therapy to traditional psychotherapy, in fact, I receive referrals from local psychotherapists because people often find therapy to be more helpful while they are using homeopathics to ease the process. Homeopathy is also great for use with pharmaceutical medications as there are no drug or herbal interactions, and during and after pregnancy, which is a critical time to get help that will help you and your baby naturally.

For panic and anxiety attacks I use an acute remedy and bach flowers to help you get through tough moments, and then a more supportive and healing remedy to affect deep change in whatever the pattern of anxiety or depression are. If you can remember when it started, or if there was a situation that you have just never really recovered from, we may address it using a remedy to provide relief the trauma. For some people, it is an obvious change, a breakup, the birth of a child, hormonal changes, death of a loved one, loss of a job, an accident, and many more. Without having to delve into the trauma week after week, homeopathy can gently affect your mood, and the way you think about things, to get you out of the rut of anxiety and depression. For others, the feelings seem to have come on gradually or have seemed to always been there to a lesser or more degree. Imagine living a life without constant negative thoughts or anxiety intruding. If you can’t, that’s not surprising, that’s the whole problem. But there is help! In the event that anxiety or depression is paired with chronic pain or illness such as migraines, IBS etc. Homeopathy can impact the physical symptoms as well as the emotional root that has caused them.

Homeopathy does not have side effects, it does not cause dependence and can be used in in nursing or pregnant women and children. Please feel free to call me to talk about your specific situation and if homeopathy might be a good fit for you.