What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural system of medicinal healing. It uses micro doses of natural substances (remedies) to guide the body and mind in healing itself.

The remedies used in classical homeopathy can be made of plant, animal or mineral material. Gold for example is used as a remedy called aurum. One substance is used per remedy and if a remedy is carefully chosen it is all that is needed for all of a persons symptoms.

Every substance contains a kind of footprint carrying information that is precisely the opposite of the substance’s own characteristcs. And this material footprint is released by the homeopathic potency.

Treating the cause and not the symptom

Because homeopathy examines the whole person and does not simply treat the disease, conditions that are not recognized or understood by western medicine may be healed using homeopathy.  Homeopathy treats the entire person and in so doing, recognizes the connection of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, each being an equally significant part of everyone.  The aim of homeopathic treatment is to give yourself a boost, so that you may heal yourself, mentally physically and emotionally.

A little bit of History

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) of Germany , the founder of homeopathy, discovered that any poison used in homeopathic potency can heal precisely those symptoms that it produces as a poison. If a patient has symptoms that are similar (Latin simile = similar) to those produced by a particular poison, this patient needs this poison in a homeopathic potency to regain health.

An example: A person with arsenic poisoning breaks out in a cold sweat, has cold hands and feet, stomach cramps, anxiety, and then pathological anxiety. If someone has such symptoms without being poisoned, the homeopath knows that the use of arsenic (arsenicum album) can cure these symptoms.

Hahnemann’s scientific experiments led him to the process of potentisation. A step by step dilution and jerking of the drug  makes it extremely powerful and at the same time renders it harmless. This is in direct contrast to the toxic drugs of modern medicine, and their “side effects”.