Q: What is the difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?

A: Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been around for over 200 years. It is a complete system of medicine within itself, like Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic Medicine. Naturopathic Medicine is a relatively new practise that uses techniques from many different natural or alternative forms of medicine. A properly trained homeopath is a specialist in Homeopathic Medicine and is able to treat most conditions using properly chosen homeopathic remedies. A naturopath will use a number of different techniques or remedies to help you. They have basic training in many different modalities and so have many tools at their disposal to mix and match. They are often heavy proponents of supplementation and diets, neither of which is an integral part of homeopathic medicine.  Homeopathy is simple safe and effective for you to use on the whole family without drastic changes in diet or spending a fortune on supplementation.

Q: Will homeopathics interfere with drugs that I am taking?

A: Homeopathic medicine will not interfere with any medications you are currently taking. They do not interact on a chemical basis with any pharmaceuticals and in over 200 years there has never been a case of toxicity reported from a homeopathic remedy. Often a remedy will increase the bodies ability to function so that you will require less of a particular medication. This can be regulated by your M.D.

Q: What training is necessary to practice Homeopathy in Toronto, Ontario or Canada?

A: Homeopathy in Toronto as in Ontario has recently undergone regulation by the provincial government. Once the College of Homeopaths is up and running only registered individuals will be able to call themselves Homeopaths. It is very important to choose a  Homeopath who has proper training and a lot of experience, as well as someone you feel comfortable with.  Joy has completed the highest standards of training available to the Toronto and Canadian Homepathic community and is a regsitered member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.

Q: Why do you love homeopathy so much Joy?

A: I love the simplicity and effectiveness of homeopathy. When I first started practising Homeopathy in Toronto, I really didn’t comprehend the deeper levels that it was able to heal. Now that I have been practising for a while, I really appreciate the change and freedom that it is able to elicit in people in both their physical and emotional complaints.  People who have struggled with issues or conditions for years are able to heal themselves using homeopathy and I am grateful to be able to participate and facilitate this process.

Did you know?

  • Homeopathy is the second most practiced medicine in the world, following conventional medicine.
  • Homeopathy is the fastest growing medicine in the world according to the World Health Organisation.
  • The British Royal Family is among the many supporters of homeopathic medicine and has had a homeopathic physician in service for generations.
  • 42% of French physicians use homeopathy in their practice.