As a child, school can be a nerve-racking experience for a variety of reasons. First day nervousness, fear of socializing and meeting new classmates and teachers, bullying; any one of these can cause your child to feel insecure about themselves at school and can lead to them giving you trouble in the morning or even flat out refusing to go to school. While it’s easy to think there is no effective way to help your child get over their school anxiety, this is not the case, Homeopathic treatments can help ease anxiety associated with school, and here’s how.

There are three main homeopathic treatments that can help with school anxiety in children, and they are Baryta carbonica, Silica, and Pulsatilla.

Baryta Carbonica– this homeopathic medicine is usually for children who have difficulty socializing in groups. They are unsure of how to act or what to say in a group and this can easily be a form of school anxiety, seeing as socializing with other groups of children is a regular part of school. Made from Barium as the main component, Baryta carbonica is used for a variety of purposes, but in homeopathy it can be used to treat anxiety. Baryta carbonica helps the body to alleviate intense fears that are associated with anxiety and phobias. Treating a child with this medicine is a good way to get them feeling better about joining in and making friends at school. This remedy will help a child with anxiety better express what he or she does and doesn’t like, and how he or she is feeling.

Silica- this is another homeopathic remedy that can help children with school anxiety. It is similar to Baryta carbonica, however the main difference is that it is focused on children with a cognitive weakness rather than children who are simply lacking development in their behaviours. Cognitive weakness can make children extra sensitive to things such as the environment and other people. Going to school can be stressful to children that require silica, seeing as things like exposure to light and noise can make them feel overwhelmed and cause them to be more timid. Silica is used to treat these children and decrease their sensitivity to the situations and environments typically experienced at school.

Pulsatilla- a third homeopathic remedy for school anxiety in children is Pulsatilla. Pulsatilla is mainly used to treat children that have an underlying fear of being abandoned. It’s easy to see how going to school can heighten this fear, since leaving the safety of home and spending the day in a strange place away from mom and dad may make a child feel as though they have been abandoned by their parents. These fears can be made even worse if the child’s teacher is not warm and positive towards them. A more neglectful teacher that does not strive to make students comfortable and feel at ease is going to negatively impact children that need Pulsatilla.

With school having started up again recently, now is a good time to pay attention to your children and look for any behavioural changes that may indicate they are suffering from school anxiety. If this is the case, consider homeopathic treatments as a solution.