Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine that uses natural substances to trigger the body to heal itself. The body has the ability to maintain health, and repair itself from damage and illness, but sometimes it needs more help than other times. Homeopathy offers a safe way to do help it do just that.

One of the best parts of homeopathy is the lack of side effects. Unlike pharmaceuticals, many natural remedies do not have serious side effects and are gentle yet effective. There are however some herbs, even though they are plants or natural substances, that can cause harm and so it is always best to see a professional when taking natural health remedies with or instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

Homeopathy is specific type of natural therapy that uses micro doses of natural substances. Because of this it cannot have any toxic effects, making it safer than herbs. There has never been a single case of overdose or poisoning from a homeopathic in 200 years. It also acts much more strongly than herbs because it is more individualised to what is needed for your specific problem. Remedies are made from over 2000 natural substances and there is one that is specific to help you heal from all of your individual complaints.

Instead of taking a remedy for your headache, another for your blood pressure, another for your cholesterol and another one for depression, a well chosen homeopathic remedy will treat the root cause of all of these problems. Once the disturbance that has caused your body to produce these problems is addressed, all of these seemingly non connected symptoms will be alleviated with one remedy. Instead of treating each individual symptom as something to be fixed, the whole person is treated, thus homeopathy is wholistic. This makes treatment much easier than having to take a whole bunch of different pills for different problems. It Is also much gentler on the body.

Homeopathy will not interfere with your medication. Unlike pharmaceuticals that can interact with each other and cause serious problems. Homeopathics can be used safely with most medications and can even help medications work better. For example if someone is taking a blood thinner to lower blood pressure or to prevent clotting, a remedy may help the body to correct the problem and so less medication is needed to produce the same effect. This is also true for diabetes medication, and any other medication that is usually increased as the problem becomes more severe.

With a properly prescribed remedy you may require less medication at the discretion of your M.D. As your body will function better on it’s own.

That is a great thing, because the less medication you have to take, the less chances of toxic or side effects, the healthier, and happier you can live.

To recap:

-Homeopathy is completely natural and made from completely non toxic ingredients

-Homeopathy is gentle yet quick acting and effective

-You cannot overdose on homeopathics and they have no side effects

-They treat holistically, so you only have to take one remedy to treat what is making you sick

-Homeopathics do not interfere with drugs, but can sometimes increase their effect

-Homeopathy can be used to address emotional and physical health problems naturally