Stay Hydrated :

When you have been vomiting you tend to get really really thirsty, but do not drink water. Water makes you vomit more as it is poorly absorbed by itself. Gatorade, pedialyte or other electrolyte mix, juice and soup broth have a much better chance of staying down and actually hydrating you. Ginger tea and ginger ale are notoriously good at calming an upset stomach, but remember to sip small amounts at a time.

Stay in bed:
Try to get as much sleep as possible to recover as quickly as possible. Keep the curtains or lights low and avoid moving, as that can cause more nausea. You can keep a bucket beside the bed just in case.
Nice smells:
the thought or smell of vomit can produce more vomit. Wash your face or that of your child, and use a nice smelling natural essential oil on pillows or p.j.’s to fill the nose with a calming smell and to take away the gross smell.
Start off slowly, only snack on dry toast or crackers to begin with. If that stays down for a few hours, then you can start to be a little more adventurous. Just remember, your tummy has been through a lot so you don’t want to stress it out with more than it can handle.
Homeopathic Remedies:
The top homeopathic Remedies for stomach flu, vomiting and hangovers are as follows:
Nux Vomica (an appropriate name isn’t it) – this remedy is characteristic of nausea that is brought on after too much drinking and partying or rich food. The person is usually irritable, sensitive to everything and Vomits once or twice, stops for a little while, then starts to feel more nauseas and vomits again and the cycle continues.
Arsenicum (also known as metal album) – this remedy is a lifesaver for food poisoning, I highly recommend not traveling anywhere without it. It is typically accompanied by chills, and diarhea. The person needing the remedy is often whiny and needs a lot of reasurance.
Ipecac – great for violent vomiting, huge ammounts of nausea with dry heaving and retching. People needed this remedy become very ill very quickly as their vomiting is often continuous with no relief even after vomiting.
These are the most well known of remedies. Try to fit you or your child’s symptoms to the one that fits best and take that remedy.
You can repeat them as much as every 30 minutes or as needed but you should see improvement withing 20 minutes of having given the remedy. Usually kids will fall asleep right after they take it as their bodies recuperate.
If you need more specific advice about a remedy or situation, you can always call to book an appointment at the office, or in an emergency call for an acute phone consult.
If you or your child cannot stop vomiting their is a chance of dehydration and you should seek emergency medical attention at once.

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