1. It works quickly – especially important for parents of crying feverish babies and children – fevers and coughs will diminish within minutes of administering a remedy

2. It is safe –  You cant take too much of it, you cant poison or overdose on it, and it is totally non-toxic and there are no side effects

3. Homeopathy is not habit forming –  You cannot get addicted, there is never withdrawal and it can help wean you off of pharmaceuticals

4. It is natural –  Homeopathic remedies are made from the substances all around us found in nature.

5. It is environmentally friendly – Homeopathic Remedies do not use harmful chemicals, pollute, or waste energy while making them.

6. It is truly a holistic medicine – Homeopathy does not compartmentalize body parts or disease, it addresses the mind and the body .

7. It treats the problem, not the symptoms –  it doesn’t mask or temporarily treat symptoms, it deals with the reason you have them.

8. Not animal tested – Animals are never ever used to test remedies, homeopaths volunteer to do that, but we can heal animals with it.

9. It is economical –  Homeopathy is the fastest growing medicine in the world, making giant gains in Europe and India not only because it is so effective but also because it is financially more feasible and sustainable  – a visit to the homeopath and a remedy is approximately half the cost of an MD visit and a generic brand drug.

10. It works when nothing else can help – Some of my most satisfying experiences have been treating patients that have come to me as a last resort for the pain of arthritis, crohn’s, migraines, asthma, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression when nothing else was helping, and they have been cured of their supposedly lifelong suffering.