Teething is a phase experienced by all babies, and sometimes feared by parents, usually lasting from the age of six months to three years. Some children are just mildly bothered by the appearance of their first teeth, or milk teeth, while others cry a lot, are unable to fall asleep, wake frequently and are generally cranky. The gums are red and sore, drooling is typical and the fingers are repeatedly put into the mouth. It is not uncommon for teething to be compounded by fever, stomach upsets and diarrhea.

Teething pain is felt when the gums become sore and inflamed as the teeth grow and break through the skin. The upper incisors are usually the first to appear, but the molars produce the most discomfort. Often, allowing the infant to bite something fairly hard and cold is helpful.

Let the baby chew on something hard-a crust of bread or a juice popsicle, for example-to alleviate the discomfort of emerging teeth. Allow the baby to chew on a raw carrot only if teeth have not yet appeared, otherwise, he or she may choke on tiny carrot pieces.


Homeopathy can help teething infants who suffer terribly and for whom other simple measures do not provide any relief. Use a 6c strength, repeating four times daily, if no improvement is noticed within 2 days seek the advice of a homeopath.

  • Chamomilla is by far the most used homeopathic medicine for teething when the pain is insufferable. The child needing Chamomilla is very cranky and screams with pain. He or she is demanding, and is unsatisfied unless carried about. One cheek is usually red, while the other is pale, and teething is often combined with diarrhea.
  • If a sudden, high fever marks the onset of teething, and the face is red, Belladonna will break the fever and relieve the pain.
  • Calcarea carbonica is useful as a remedy for teeth that appear late and cause pain. Children needing this remedy are typically flabby, and have a tendency toward *constipation and head sweats.
  • Kreosotum is helpful if an irritable, teething child suffers from decaying teeth.
  • Nux Vomica is another helpful remedy for teething, the child is usually very angry and restless and hyper sensitive to cold touch and noise. There is sometimes vomiting with teething and can be accompanied by a stuffy nose and snuffles and constipation.

Tissue Salts

Give the baby 1 tablet under the tongue three times daily.

  • For redness and inflammation with fever and restlessness, use Ferr phos.
  • If the teeth are slow to break through the skin or teething is accompanied by stomach upsets or diarrhea, Calc phos is appropriate.
  • Silicea is used for teeth that appear late and with much pain. Head sweats during this time also indicate this remedy.
  • If the enamel is poor or the teeth break easily, Calc fluor should help to give them strength. Give 2 tablets every two hours when the condition is severe.
  • In children who also suffer from weak digestion, Calc phos is appropriate. This remedy suits irritable, whiny children.


These are basic guidelines for homeopathic remedy use during teething. Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to deal with discomfort caused by teething. There are many other remedies that can be used for teething and might be a better fit for your baby. Each of us is an individual and babies are no different and deserve individualized health care. A Homeopath can help ease the pain of teething and many other problems such as:

– Colic              – Allergies             – Vaccinosis              – Constipation

– Rashes          – Asthma               – ADD/ADHD             – Lactation and mastitis

– Eczema          – Anxiety               – Autism                    – Ear infections

-Thrush             -Depression           -Hemorrhoids             – Sleep problems