Joy Burlton Classical Homeopath

Toronto Homeopath – Joy Burlton BHSc DHMHS

Joy Burlton received her Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree from the University of Western Ontario, always having had an interest in medicine. After a lot of investigation into different modalities she discovered homeopathy and found it to be a perfect fit for the type of deep healing she valued. Homeopathy, she found was the perfect tool to aid others in experiencing this type of healing and lasting health. She then went on to achieve Honours in her four-year post-graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (a highly accredited Toronto based college). She was granted the title of Homeopathic Doctor (see footnote) by the Ontario Homeopathic Association and is a member in good standing.  Joy has been practising in Toronto since 2007 and has enjoyed growing her practice  and raising more awareness about homeoapthy in Toronto and surrounding areas.

In her Toronto Homeopathic clinic, Joy provides a non-judgemental and welcoming environment for her patients. Her intention is to listen to and understand people as unique individuals so that she may help them gain and maintain good health on all levels by prescribing a homeopathic remedy that has the best fit. Joy understands that the mind and body are always in relationship with one another and affecting each other and through homeopathy they can start influencing each other in a healthy manner. Joy is a proponent of and practises mindfulness in both meditation and daily life, as well as yoga and healthy lifestyle. She incorporates self awareness excercises and personal development into her treatment when suitable and is also knowledgeable about nutrition and natural health practices.

Joy Encourages dialogue about homeopathy and health and invites you to ask her any questions you might have about it. She believes in empowerment through knowledge and awareness and would love to discuss treatment options that may be available to you through Homeopathy in Toronto.