I started very early on in my practice working with kids and families affected by autism. While still doing my clinical internship at school, I had the opportunity to work with a little boy who was diagnosed with autism. I found this experience to be very challenging as many of my colleagues were at a loss as to how to proceed once we had tried the standard remedies and the elimination diets. There were some improvements but it was not up to a standard that I would consider to be great improvements or a success. This really stuck with me and I continued to read everything I could on the subject. While homeopathy was great at treating a lot of diseases, there seemed to be a shortfall in ASD, and yet there were some homeopaths seeing great results over a period of time. I was used to seeing patients get better very quickly with the right prescription, regardless of how sick they were, but this was not the case with many of the kids I was seeing on the spectrum. Again, some gains were made, but not what I wanted or expected.

Then I found the work of Dr. Tinus Smits who has been working with children suffering from vaccine damage (vaccinosis). He was using Issotherapy, a type of homeopathy that I had not been trained in as I was a strict classical homeopath. I decided to jump ship and try something new, and I have not looked back with regards to treating with CEASE therapy when indicated. I have now detoxed numerous children from not only vaccines, but antibiotics, pitocin, and other substances that preceded their parents reports of ill health. Not all children with autism need CEASE therapy, but when they do, I have found it to be the thing that unlocks everything and makes all other interventions work that much better and faster. After they do the detoxes, we return to classical homeoapthy as needed and because their immune systems and neurological systems function more typically, they respond to the remedies far far better.

Cease therapy for autism, is not for the faint of heart, but autism is not for the faint of heart either….

I encourage you as parents to read the work of Tinus Smits, read the website, read other parents blogs, so you know what this next ride will be like. It can be full of ups and downs, there may be fevers, and diarrhoea and tantrums, but you have probably gone through a lot of these already, and they will not be worse than what you have already experienced. They are part of the detox for many children. I will be there to help you, reassure you, cheer you on, and guide you through the process of recovering your child.


Q: Are you certified to do this work?

A: I have taken extra training and am a certified CEASE therapist

Q:My child is on medications currently, can you still work with them?

A: Yes, it depends on the specifics of what medications and how they are being affected by the medications, but this is something that we can work through.

Q: I do not think my child developed autism from vaccination, can CEASE still help?

A: It is quite possible that your child did not have complications from vaccination, and during our consultation I will follow up with you regarding what you believe may have been some contributing factors. If CEASE is not indicated as a treatment, then we will do treatment using classical homeopathy. CEASE is only used when it is indicated and other remedies have failed to act properly.

Q: I have seen other homeopaths and it has not really helped, do you think this would help?

A: That depends on a few things. If you have seen a properly trained homeopath and followed all of their directions and not seen results, then CEASE may be beneficial. As I found out early on in my practice, in cases of drug or vaccine injury, a regular method of treatment does not seem to be as effective. If you have tried to do a detox yourself or with someone who was not properly trained, you will not have received the proper support or results and this can lead to a lot.

Q: Can cease therapy be used for illnesses other than autism?

A: Yes, Autism is only one group of symptoms that can come about in certain susceptible individuals. There are a whole host of other symptoms and conditions that can be treated using CEASE. Whenever the progress seen in classical homeopathy seems to be hindered, and the patient is clear that there is a specific trigger of some substance or medication, CEASE therapy may be considered.